Pet-centric social media platform empowers its community with full transparency and user freedom is a social media platform for pets that has committed to 100% transparency and accountability to members. The platform was built to provide an online community where pet parents can share their special relationship with their pets and connect with other pet lovers.

Fluffygram uses the unique that provides monthly financial reports, declares profit margins openly, and guarantees that the community will always maintain 51% interest in the company. 

They also ensure that the platform is a safe place for users to connect with their communities without interference or censorship. This means Fluffygram will not be utilizing any systems to control what you see or who you can interact with.

“Fluffygram is an example of a new model of openness and personal freedom that provides complete transparency of how all of its income is used.” – Alex Acuna, Creator of Fluffygram and Imagine Business Model.

Fluffygram is a social media platform that is completely populated by and for pet lovers. It is a place where both pet parents and pet industry professionals can join and build communities where they have full access to all of their followers and are not restricted by any interferences or roadblocks imposed by the platform. 

Fluffygram is dedicated to supporting its community of pet owners and their animal family, and can be downloaded on the Apple Store or Google Play.

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